Anita has allowed me to keep my sanity. Going through multiple high conflict court cases and becoming a step mum is hard. Having someone in your corner who will listens and understands is priceless.

Having someone who has been through the process makes it a lot easier when it feels like the world is against you. Reminding you, you can do this and giving you tips and tricks helps get you through.

I cannot recommend Anita more, she is a rock that can help you through the process. She gets it when so many just don’t. Thank you Anita, you have allowed me to continue to be me. Allowed me to see my strength and be the rock my family needs. Even rocks need someone to talk to EP,
Christchurch, New Zealand
Anita has strong skills for translating her observations into relatable, realistic advice and language to use on our journey.

Her understanding of each of our roles has given us greater insight to each other and our relationships to them be better.
Phil M
Auckland, NZ
Working with Anita has shown me two different types of support – the kind that meets me where I am and, when she knows I’m ready, the kind that helps me work beyond the limits I have long believed about myself.

My life is now moving in the direction I want and my relationship with my fiancé is the best it’s ever been.
Georgia USA
Anita has a no-nonsense insight into behavior and a willingness to challenge me that has led me to very positive change. Anita has helped me where other therapists have not.

Anita has helped my partner and I understand each other and has been able to call out where each of us needed to work. I always felt like I was part of a team working towards a better relationship.
Greg A
Georgia USA
Getting into the nitty gritty of our BF makes me most comfortable with Anita.

As aspects of our family have changed over the years so too have the strategies Anita has given us to help us continue to grow, learn and strengthen our relationships.

A journey we are grateful to be on with her!
AM (Stepmum)
Auckland NZ
Anita has helped me to express my feelings I didn't know how to explain.

Her suggestions are simple and easy to follow when I have family conflict that's really hard.
AM (age 13)
Auckland NZ